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John Oliver Talks Last Week About

Screwing Psychedelic Drugs.

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Featured

john Oliver last week tonight

A whole portion of Emmy-winning talk show presenter John Oliver’s program was dedicated to the therapeutic use of psychedelics. John Oliver has returned to “Last Week Tonight,” This time, he’ll be exploring a fascinating subject in depth: the advantages of psychedelic treatment. This Sunday’s episode explores the past and present of psychedelics and their possible benefits to mental health.

Last Week Tonight is a show hosted by John Oliver that combines long-form journalism with sarcastic humor to examine pressing social problems. Their current concentration on psychedelic therapy is massive news for activists and fans who want to educate the public about the possibilities of psychedelics; they have won multiple Emmys for this sort of work.

The program addressed it all, from the early days of psychedelic research to the present resurgence and its surprising trial findings, patient healing tales, and patent difficulties. Let’s learn more about how the show goes on.

Demonstrated Beneficial Effects of Psychedelic Therapy

Oliver demonstrates the beneficial effects of psychedelic-aided therapy on the lives of soldiers with PTSD by interviewing others who have tried it. In this article, a veteran describes how his treatment has helped him feel more at ease in his skin. Another military veteran who tried psychedelic therapy at full strength reported feeling better after the first session.

The program takes a more serious turn as Oliver informs viewers that psychedelic usage has historically been highly controlled due to societal and legislative anxiety about the unknown repercussions of these chemicals. The presenter warns that if we are not vigilant in the years to come, we will repeat the same errors.

Oliver notes that MDMA and psilocybin are poised to get FDA approval for medical usage. Although the promise of these medicines is exciting, there are also worries regarding their accessibility and the need for prudence when delivering them outside of a clinical environment and under the supervision of skilled medical experts.

Compass Pathways CMPS and others have filed patents to protect their psychedelic-aided treatment formulations and administration methods, raising worries about cost and availability.

People’s Testimonials that Added Value in the Talk Show

After the exciting discussion and providing information about drugs and psychedelic therapy, John Oliver showed videos of people using psychedelics for medical therapy. Oliver concluded that therapy is a game changer for people to change their lives. 

According to him shown in the show, 60 percent of people have seen the change immediately after the first therapy session. The therapy has shown a significant impact on dealing with depression and addiction.

Oliver then presents a chronology comparable to that of marijuana in a brief history of the United States’ approach to the regulation of psychedelics: In the 1960s, indigenous and religious communities began rediscovering psychedelics for ceremonial and therapeutic purposes. By the 1970s, celebrities and mainstream culture had taken control of the trend. In 1970, President Nixon added LSD and psilocybin to the list of substances controlled by the Controlled Substances Act.

He discussed a JP Morgan banker named R. Gordon Wasson popularizing magic mushrooms after hearing about an indigenous Mexican woman named Maria Sabina, who used Psychedelic medicines and tracked her down in 1955. After several attempts, he convinced Maria Sabina to taste the magic mushrooms. After that article was published, making it became a sensation.

Also, he told how the US military conducted experiments to drop off the enemy troops using magic mushrooms. He also concluded how researchers use LSD for mental treatment. He talked about the potential benefits and drawbacks associated with it. He explained the process in detail.

Compelling Evidence to Talk on the Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Oliver walks the audience through decades of junk studies and the closed-minded responses from the government and media that followed, such as a Pennsylvania politician who ultimately made up a story about users going blind if they stared at the sun for too long. The audience laughs and gasps in disbelief throughout Oliver’s presentation.

Oliver presented compelling evidence from various news stories on the promise that psilocybin treatment has for treating depression, how LSD assisted a guy in overcoming his addiction, and the advantages that MDMA may have for people who have suffered trauma.

You can check out his show and get ahead for a more detailed overview! 


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